English Willow Coffins
For Each Coffin Sold We Plant A Broad Leafed Tree
Creating a sustainable future
For every willow coffin
sold, we will plant a broadleafed tree.
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C o f f i n  C o l o u r s

English Willow Coffins offer the four colour options shown (left) and the choice of a contrasting willow band.

Buff Willow is boiled and stripped of it's bark, leaving a buff (orange brown) colour.

White willow is freshly cut and left to stand in water until sap rises (about 3 months until early spring). It is stripped without boiling to leave white colour.

Brown Willow is dried green willow and is olive green in colour. The bark remains in place.

Steamed willow is steamed for 2 hours, giving a very dark brown, plain choclate colour.

Please note colours may vary on different computer screens.

These coffins are made from willow, a renewable resource. To find out more about how willow is grown visit our Sustainability section.

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