English Willow Coffins
For Each Coffin Sold We Plant A Broad Leafed Tree
Creating a sustainable future
For every willow coffin
sold, we will plant a broadleafed tree.
Wicker Coffin
Wicker Ashes Casket
Willow Coffin
Willow Ashes Casket
Willow Coffin Wooden Name Plate
Willow Coffin Wooden Oval Name Plate
Solid Wood Name Plate Oval Casket Name Plate
Current Price List

Willow Coffin:
All forms of willow coffin, colour and handle options: £350.00 + VAT

Degradable Liner: £30.00 + VAT

Willow Ashes Caske inc. Lining Pouch: £30.49 + VAT

Solid Wood Laser Engraved Name Plate: £27.50 + VAT

Oval Casket Plate: £27.50 + VAT

Delivery costs: quoted per order


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