About Coates

English Willow Coffins, based in Stoke St Gregory in Somerset, is the home of Coates English Willow (P.H. Coate & Sons Ltd). A family business founded by willow grower and hay merchant Robert Coate in 1819, and still run by the Coate family today.

Our 300 acre farm includes 70 acres of withy beds and is found in the heart of the Somerset Levels, an area of huge environmental and conservation importance. The Somerset Levels is the most important wetland area in the UK and home to a wide range of wildlife. This unique landscape provides the perfect conditions for growing basket making willow, known locally as 'withies'.

It is now the last remaining area where willow is commercially cultivated for the production of willow coffins, willow baskets, willow furniture, and high quality artists' charcoal.

The business we have today has evolved from our vast experience and is constantly bringing new innovative ideas to the willow industry, ensuring there's a bright and optimistic future for the next generation of willow growers and weavers. We are proud to have been part of this landscape's rich heritage for almost 200 years. Our adept team of weavers create our willow coffins with great care and attention to detail, only the most experienced willow weavers have the skills required for this specialist work.

We are members of the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association (FFMA - www.ffma.co.uk), the link between manufacturers and suppliers of funeral goods - and the funeral directors and the crematoria. Its aim is to ensure that quality goods are produced and the traditionally high standards are maintained within the profession. Our coffins have been subjected to testing using the FFMA approved protocol and each one carries the stamp of approval.